Thought I would go with a video blog today

Below are four different triceps combo exercises that probably aren’t in your exercise routine. Check them out!


(1) Overhead press/triceps extension combo

For every two overhead presses do one triceps extension

(2) Eccentric tate press with incline press

Pick a relatively heavy weight for the tate press. Lower the weights down slowly and then tuck your elbows in to do an incline press on the concentric portion of the lift.

(3) Skull crusher to incline press

Similar concept to the last one. Do a slow eccentric skull crusher and on the concentric portion turn it into a incline press.

(4) Extreme drop sets dips

For this exercise you will do weighted dips for 3-5 reps, regular dips for 3-5 reps, and then as many dips as you possibly can with a super slow eccentric (go down slow).