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What are people saying about my programs?

“The program Justin provided me has not only helped me to increase my strength and power, but it also has helped me to increase lean muscle mass and shed body fat. I’ve been consistently working and progressing through his program for over 6 months, with great results. Justin has put together an optimal program for those looking to get stronger, shredded, and more athletic!”

  • Sam Guider

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Dave Heather

I had decided to kick start my 2018, and sign up for a very focused six week, fitness, and nutrition program, that would demand accountability, discipline, and a demanding workout program. There were several personal trainers available, but because of the classes I had chosen, it turned out that a majority of my work out sessions were going to be with Justin. Being older than the rest of the class, and the fact that I was there to achieve my goal, I was somewhat a loner, and chose to remove myself from the constant banter.

Justin, was able to separate from the team, who needed what level of interaction, and encouragement, and incorporated that into keeping the whole room motivated, and focused. My lifting techniques were my weakness, and he was able to step away and provide the one on one that I needed. I guess the point of this feedback, is that, here is a very personable personal trainer, who can keep the goal in mind for his clients, remain focused, and motivating, and still make it fun. He is a student of his craft, and through his (shared) research papers, and work-out programs; constantly trying to strive for collaborative interaction from other athletes to inspire Americans to work towards a healthier perspective on life and exercise – David A. Heather – January 2017